How To Find A Tarot Reader You Like

Hola!  It’s Maria.

I wanted to start my new blog with a post that is very important to you if you want to learn about tarot cards.  Even more if you want to get a reading from an expert.  But who to choose?

Finding the right tarot reader for can be quite overwhelming as these days.  It’s easier than ever to find one and almost anyone can learn the basics and even do it themselves!  But some people are just born gifted.  

thThat’s how my grandmother was.  A beautiful woman from Mexico who believed that all the secrets of the world were inside the tarot card.  She didn’t even need to see the cards and she could just TELL what they were going to say.

I’m lucky because I knew her my entire life.  But for someone who doesn’t know what a real tarot reader looks like, it can be hard.  There are so many phonies out there!

It takes several years of practice for a someone to be able to learn and study the art of tarot reading.  There’s an entire craft to learn, even if you have a gift.  The water needs a cup to fill it.  Without structure, the gift can become a curse.

My Grandmother Had This Gift

Only gifted people like my grandmother are able to offer effective because they have special intuitive abilities.  This helped her master the craft.  

Other people who are not as gifted and trained simply don’t have the skills required to provide and intuitive and an accurate reading.  The results are usually not as “from the heart”  if you know what I mean.  

However, when you do get a reading from a gifted psychic then you’ll surely be blown off your feet! They can provide amazing insight into your life.

And when you find a great reader you’ll know it because you will instantly make a connection with that person.  The hard way to find the right psychic is by the trial and error method.  That takes time! You can also read up and find out all that you want to know about the person first.

Today with the internet, you can find recommendations and also read up on reviews about all the tarot readers before you even talk to them!  This can help you narrow down your choices and stay away from phony psychics and tarot readers.

Here’s a tip too.  Most of the authentic tarot readers will offer a free online tarot reading before asking for money.  They want you to believe in them first.  That is a big secret!  If you don’t believe they can help, they won’t. 

When you DO find the right reader but they are not one hundred percent reliable, then you can ask for your money back.  But only do this if you think they are a phony!  If they are just wrong, oyu don’t want to upset them.  Sometimes the cards simply don’t add up, and you won’t find out until later!

Want to know the best way to tell a phony?

A Gifted Tarot Reader Uses A Real 78 Card Deck!

Only a real deck will do (the rest are knock offs that don’t work) because each card matters.

The deck of 78 tarot cards are segregated into two major categories called Minor Arcana and Major Arcana that show us the various phases of life.

A Tarot reader uses the pattern of the spread of the cards to make the interpretation or prediction. Like my grandmother said, the symbolism of the Tarot cards is believed to provide an insight into the events and feelings controlling one’s life.  It will also help grow the intuitive powers of the listener and help you get a better understanding of the problems you have in your life.  

Ok!  So I think that’s all I can write today.  My hands are tired and I don’t do this very much. But I will start!

 Thank you for listening to my writings.  English is my second language and I try my best 🙂

Also if you prefer espanol see my grandson says this website can translate for you.  He says to click the button!

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