My Friend Andreas Spanish Tarot Reading

Buenos Dias!  It’s me, Maria.

Today I want to show you my friend Andrea who also does tarot readings like me!  She has a very special deck from Spanish origins.  I hope you like the video!

Here’s a little hint.  There is something different about these tarot cards that you might not recognize!

What’s different about Spanish tarot cards?

The cards she draws are the 6 of cups and the 11 of wands.

Do you see something interesting you might not recognize?

Si!  It’s that the “eleven” of wands, in english, is the Page of wands.

In the Spanish tarot, we call them by the numbers.  We don’t talk about the “court cards” by name, just by number.  This is the traditional way!  The same way my grandmother taught me.  That’s why I show this to you 🙂

That’s all I have for today – I need to go pick up my daughter so thank you for reading!

Muchos gracias,